Greetings members of the Foundation.

Thanks to Jenn for directing me to this highly handy-looking site. Hopefully this will not only make it a lot easier to co-ordinate the campaign, but will also overcome people’s Facebook-phobia. At the moment, I plan to use the Adventure Log to give summaries of the sessions so far (all information that would be available to your Characters through a combination of official reports and the rumour mill) as well as announcing the next session; the Characters tab to give brief descriptions and bios (again, public info only) and (if people want it, cause they cost money) the forums as well for general chat.

We’ll see how it works out, hopefully it will give us more sense of structure & continuity.


Next Session: Episode 9, Monday 15th August, 7pm

Players: Gwen, Edain, Dave, Griff.

Episode 10, Tuesday 16th August 7pm, Evis, Kath, Sam, Luke

Briefing for Episode 9:

The following briefing is classified Top Secret, and should not be removed from Foundation HQ, or discussed with non-Foundation Personnel, or with any Beta-class operatives except for your designated Liaison Officer and the Officer in Operational Command.

It has become apparent that the deteriorating situation in Western Sahara has fallen within the remit of the Foundation. British Intelligence sources clearly indicate that the recent reversal and escalation in the conflict between Western Sahara and Morocco has come about as a direct result of Enhanced Individuals supporting forces within Western Sahara. Furthermore, it has become clear that the conflict is in imminent danger of causing widespread civilian casualties and destabilising the region.

The Foundation has been authorized to send a small team to Western Sahara with the objective of neutralising the EI element’s influence on the conflict, and thereby minimising both the local and the global cost.

As this mission will amount to an invasion of a sovereign nation, it will be conducted under a policy of strict deniability. The team should number between four and five Alpha-class agents, with covert Beta and Gamma support available if required.

It has also been decided that the persons with the best knowledge of which Alpha Agents would be suited for this mission are the Alpha Agents themselves. Specific mission parameters will only be made available to the final team, but it will involve working for a protracted period in a foreign country during a time of war. If you have any further questions, please ask your designated Liaison Officer or the Officer in Operational Command.

[OOC Note: The idea is for this to be a 2-session mission, with a ‘meanwhile, back in Britain’ session in the middle for those that don’t go. This means it’ll need the same 4/5 players for both missions. I can do names out of a hat if you want, but this way seems more interesting. Feel free to use Facebook, E-mail or the Obsidian Portal forums to chat about it.]