Foundation EI

Episode 1

'Tick Tock'

The second batch of probationary Alpha were in the process of receiving a briefing from the The Colonel regarding a freighter involved in rumours of EI activity, when an urgent request came through for them to assist in investigating a bomb threat in an office building. The agents were co-ordinated by Wayne along with a member of the bomb disposal team Cpt Jack Jones and, accompanied by one of the graduates from ‘Bodysnatch’, they searched the building and succeeded in rescuing a man named Buzz in a wheelchair stuck in a lift, as well as locating a small explosive that the military had missed. However, in the final moments before detonation, they also managed to find a much larger bomb, which was disarmed before it could blow. Subsequently, the army located three more small explosives around the structure. They were all apparently placed by the man from the lift, who disappeared in the confusion outside.

The probationary agents have also graduated to full Alpha status.

Mission Team: Cromwell, Erebus, Fay, Juet



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