Foundation EI

Episode 2


The first batch of Alphas was given a tour around the new Foundation HQ. After a few weeks of inactivity, they were introduced to the final proabtionary Alpha (Surgeon Commander Tyldsley) and sent to resolve a hostage situation at the Three Abbeys Mall where a large number of civilians were being held by members of Comrades Against Murder (a US based militant anti-abortion group). Several explosions and a lot of gunfire later and the team successfully liberated 62 civilians (although three were killed in the course of the attack) and killed or incapacitated 20 hostiles. Two individuals, one young-looking and one slightly older man (the latter carrying a weapon) remain unaccounted for, having been seen outside the site of a bomb blast before mysteriously vanishing.

With the success of the mission, Surgeon Commander Tyldsley has lost his probationary status and become a full Alpha agent.

Mission Team: Fay, Cromwell, Elizabeth, Strawman, Surgeon Commander Tyldsley



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