Foundation EI

Episode 3


The last of the Alphas were brought to Foundation HQ and given the introductory tour by Wayne. After a couple of weeks of inactivity, The Colonel informed them that a routine followup to police reports had given them a lead on the possible whereabouts of Buzz, as he had been sighted entering an abandoned warehouse in Tilbury. The team worked with local CID and were told that the building was in use by various criminal and destitute individuals, and was under surveillance as a possible drug den. They also heard rumours of a new drug being moved through it.

Two of the team entered the warehouse as customers, meeting Ploppy who introduced them to a dealer named Rog, who sold them a sample of the new product (which turned out to be crack cocaine). The rest swept the upper floor, encountering and subduing Mr Snorkle and finding several rooms fitted with locks on the outside, all filled with a foul accumulation of human waste. One also held the headless corpse of a gang member. After a brief tussle with Rog and his gang, the team left.

Mission Team: Erebus, Juet, Bill, Surgeon Commander Tyldsley, Alec



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