Foundation EI

Episode 4


After a quiet week following the mission to the warehouse, a team of Alphas were told by The Colonel that the Foundation has been contacted by an EI working for Soviet Intelligence who wishes to defect. The team was tasked with entering north west Russia and extracting the target (Codenamed Bluesky).

However, as they were flying across the mountains, their helicopter was shot down by Soviet MiGs. James the pilot was killed in the crash, and Wayne sustained injuries that would result in his death on the second night. The team were left stranded on a glacier and had to make their way down the mountains and across the border, dealing with Soviet troops, wild animals and the extremely harsh conditions in the process.

The Colonel has promised that the number one priority for the Foundation will be discovering how the mission was compromised and ensuring that the threat is dealt with.

Mission Team: Fay, Cromwell, Strawman, Bill



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