Foundation EI

Episode 8

'Enough is Enough'

The Alphas were briefed by The Colonel in a gazebo in the Foundation HQ gounds. He told them that following the events on Muck Island, the Foundation had been able to trace Buzz to the town of Duston in Northamptonshire, where both he and Unknown Male B had been sighted along with two new associates Unknown Male C and Unknown Female A. The team were asked to investigate Duston, but also told that the parameters of the mission would be down to their discretion, to help them find their preferred level of operation. The team investigated the local area and decided to concentrate their search on the abandoned St Crispin Asylum. This proved a good choice as it transpired Buzz and his allies (including Unknown Male A) were holed up there. After a vicious fight, the antagonists escaped, but left the unconcious Unknown Male A behind. A search of the Asylum revealed a storeroom of files, including several on members of the Foundation.

Mission Team: Elizabeth, Strawman, Bill, Fay



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