An unidentified suspected EI, believed responsible for an attempted bombing.


Buzz Hendon is a slightly portly, somewhat unhealthy man of middle-aged appearence who speaks with an American accent. He was found by a team of probationary Alpha agents engaged in investigating a bomb threat, apparently trapped in a wheelchair in a lift. The team rescued him and left him with paramedics. However, evidence later came to light that it was in fact Buzz that had planted the bombs (one of which was less than 10 feet from where he was found) and that he was not so reliant on the wheelchair as he appeared. The as-yet unexplained failure of a security camera in the lift has led to speculation that he may be an EI.


Disappeared in the confusion following the discovery of the bomb.

Subsequently, was photographed entering Tilbury warehouse by police surveillance.

Was also present during the operation on Muck Island, where he demonstrated an ability to vibrate his body an high frequencies, with fatal consequences for some rats that were attempting to attack him.

Encountered again at St Crispin Asylum.

Current whereabouts unknown.


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