Played by Kath


Fay is of about average height. She is very pale and unwell-looking, and has colourless blond hair and big dark eyes. Fay looks quite young, but her age is hard to determine because she’s very skinny.
She wears whatever has been provided for her at the time, so usually Foundation-issue fatigues. She does not wear any jewellery or make-up. Her hair is normally brushed, but not really styled in any way.
When she initially met the others, she came out from inside the Foundation building, and people there seem to know her and address her by name.
Anyone who spends any time with Fay will realise that there is something wrong with her behaviour. She does not talk if she can help it, and does not meet people’s eyes, even when she does speak to them. When not directly interacting with anyone, she seems to be in her own little world and sits there passively staring into space, or possibly daydreaming. She doesn’t exactly seem stupid, just not focussed on the same things as everyone else. She follows orders and requests passively, showing no interest or rebellion. When in a stressful situation, Fay seems very nervous and jumpy.
When pressed about her abilities, she said “I can make people see things which aren’t there. Bad things.” During a recent mission she was put under pressure and make several people run away, though what she was doing was not entirely clear from the camera footage. She seemed quite distressed at doing this.



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