Surgeon Commander Tyldesley

Played by Edain


Name: Dr Hilary Marmaduke Archibald Tyldesley
Rank: Surgeon Commander
Serial Number: C952367X

Current Location: Foundation HQ
Birthday: 29/10/1943
Hometown: Myerscough Hall
Education: Harrow, Trinity College Oxford (Medicine)
Previous Employer: Her Majesty’s Royal Navy
Relationship status: Confirmed bachelor
Religion: High Anglican
Political views: Times-reading Conservative (lets not be having any of the Telegraph nonsense)
Inspirational People: The Queen, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Conyers Leach, GCB, DL, Major General Sir Thomas Tyldesley
Hobbies and Interests: Crosswords, orchestral/chamber music (bassoon), anatomy, cyphers, cricket (wicket keeper)
Ambitions: Knighthood

Surgeon Commander Tyldesley

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