Foundation EI

Episode 8
'Enough is Enough'

The Alphas were briefed by The Colonel in a gazebo in the Foundation HQ gounds. He told them that following the events on Muck Island, the Foundation had been able to trace Buzz to the town of Duston in Northamptonshire, where both he and Unknown Male B had been sighted along with two new associates Unknown Male C and Unknown Female A. The team were asked to investigate Duston, but also told that the parameters of the mission would be down to their discretion, to help them find their preferred level of operation. The team investigated the local area and decided to concentrate their search on the abandoned St Crispin Asylum. This proved a good choice as it transpired Buzz and his allies (including Unknown Male A) were holed up there. After a vicious fight, the antagonists escaped, but left the unconcious Unknown Male A behind. A search of the Asylum revealed a storeroom of files, including several on members of the Foundation.

Mission Team: Elizabeth, Strawman, Bill, Fay

Episode 7

Following the mission to Muck Island, the Foundation has been enjoying a period of calm. Following an uneventful briefing by Deborah, Surgeon Commander Tyldesley organised a frendly game of cricket against the Betas, led by Jenkins. After a decisive victory of Blunts over Sharps, the players went to the bar, and then to bed.

Those staying at the Foundation HQ that night may have been awoken in the early hours of the morning by people bustling about in corridors and knocking loudly on doors. In the morning, however, all seemed calm.

Mission Team: Fay, Erebus, Surgeon Commander Tyldesley, Alec

Episode 6
'Finders Keepers'

Several weeks after Wayne‘s memorial service the team were sent to Muck Island in Scotland. Their mission was to recover sensitive materials from a research facilty owned by Reb Whittaker, relating to a Family of EI’s who were believed to be held there, prior to their being rescued by police. The team, working in tandem with Sibling, successfully entered the facility and managed to collect a large quantity of data before running into Buzz and Unknown Male B and having to beat a hasty retreat. The family were subsequently rescued during the police raid and are reportedly being cared for by the Foundation.

Mission Team: Fay, Strawman, Elizabeth, Cromwell, Bill

Episode 5
'Payback's a Bitch'

The entirety of the Foundation staff attended a memorial service for the late Wayne. Afterwards, The Colonel informed the Aplhas that the individual responsible for compromising the previous mission had been identified as Zora, an EI working as a freelance spy. Evidence had also been secured to link her to Buzz. The Alphas were sent with the brief to locate, capture or kill her. They travelled to Amsterdam in the care of their new liaison Deborah and, working with the Dutch police, attempted to capture Zora in her hotel room. In spite of her using a decoy, and firing on and wounding on of the agents, Zora was eventually killed while trying to escape when the car she was driving crashed.

Mission Team: Erebus, Alec, Surgeon Commander Tyldesley, Elizabeth

Episode 4

After a quiet week following the mission to the warehouse, a team of Alphas were told by The Colonel that the Foundation has been contacted by an EI working for Soviet Intelligence who wishes to defect. The team was tasked with entering north west Russia and extracting the target (Codenamed Bluesky).

However, as they were flying across the mountains, their helicopter was shot down by Soviet MiGs. James the pilot was killed in the crash, and Wayne sustained injuries that would result in his death on the second night. The team were left stranded on a glacier and had to make their way down the mountains and across the border, dealing with Soviet troops, wild animals and the extremely harsh conditions in the process.

The Colonel has promised that the number one priority for the Foundation will be discovering how the mission was compromised and ensuring that the threat is dealt with.

Mission Team: Fay, Cromwell, Strawman, Bill

Episode 3

The last of the Alphas were brought to Foundation HQ and given the introductory tour by Wayne. After a couple of weeks of inactivity, The Colonel informed them that a routine followup to police reports had given them a lead on the possible whereabouts of Buzz, as he had been sighted entering an abandoned warehouse in Tilbury. The team worked with local CID and were told that the building was in use by various criminal and destitute individuals, and was under surveillance as a possible drug den. They also heard rumours of a new drug being moved through it.

Two of the team entered the warehouse as customers, meeting Ploppy who introduced them to a dealer named Rog, who sold them a sample of the new product (which turned out to be crack cocaine). The rest swept the upper floor, encountering and subduing Mr Snorkle and finding several rooms fitted with locks on the outside, all filled with a foul accumulation of human waste. One also held the headless corpse of a gang member. After a brief tussle with Rog and his gang, the team left.

Mission Team: Erebus, Juet, Bill, Surgeon Commander Tyldsley, Alec

Episode 2

The first batch of Alphas was given a tour around the new Foundation HQ. After a few weeks of inactivity, they were introduced to the final proabtionary Alpha (Surgeon Commander Tyldsley) and sent to resolve a hostage situation at the Three Abbeys Mall where a large number of civilians were being held by members of Comrades Against Murder (a US based militant anti-abortion group). Several explosions and a lot of gunfire later and the team successfully liberated 62 civilians (although three were killed in the course of the attack) and killed or incapacitated 20 hostiles. Two individuals, one young-looking and one slightly older man (the latter carrying a weapon) remain unaccounted for, having been seen outside the site of a bomb blast before mysteriously vanishing.

With the success of the mission, Surgeon Commander Tyldsley has lost his probationary status and become a full Alpha agent.

Mission Team: Fay, Cromwell, Elizabeth, Strawman, Surgeon Commander Tyldsley

Episode 1
'Tick Tock'

The second batch of probationary Alpha were in the process of receiving a briefing from the The Colonel regarding a freighter involved in rumours of EI activity, when an urgent request came through for them to assist in investigating a bomb threat in an office building. The agents were co-ordinated by Wayne along with a member of the bomb disposal team Cpt Jack Jones and, accompanied by one of the graduates from ‘Bodysnatch’, they searched the building and succeeded in rescuing a man named Buzz in a wheelchair stuck in a lift, as well as locating a small explosive that the military had missed. However, in the final moments before detonation, they also managed to find a much larger bomb, which was disarmed before it could blow. Subsequently, the army located three more small explosives around the structure. They were all apparently placed by the man from the lift, who disappeared in the confusion outside.

The probationary agents have also graduated to full Alpha status.

Mission Team: Cromwell, Erebus, Fay, Juet

Pilot Episode

The first batch of Probationary Alpha-Class agents were sent from the Ministry of Enhancements by the The Colonel on a covert mission to East Germany. Accompanied by Wayne, their objective was to retrieve a new Gamma-Class agent. In spite of the fake emergency that the plane carrying the recruit suffered becoming rather less fake than intended, the team successfully extracted the new recruit (Codenamed ‘Type O’) and conveyed him across the border. As a result, they have lost their probationary status of become full Alpha agents.

Mission Team: Alec, Bill, Elizabeth, Fay, Strawman


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