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  • Buzz

    Disappeared in the confusion following the discovery of the bomb. Subsequently, was photographed entering Tilbury warehouse by police surveillance. Was also present during the operation on Muck Island, where he demonstrated an ability to vibrate his …

  • Surgeon Commander Tyldesley

    *Name:* Dr Hilary Marmaduke Archibald Tyldesley *Rank:* Surgeon Commander *Serial Number:* C952367X *Current Location:* Foundation HQ *Birthday:* 29/10/1943 *Hometown:* Myerscough Hall *Education:* Harrow, Trinity College Oxford (Medicine) * …

  • Unknown Male A

    Seen by [[:Tyldsley]] at the Three Abbeys Mall in the company of [[:unknown-male-B]]. Vanished in unexplained circumstances. Subsequently encountered at St Crispin Asylum, where was captured by the Alpha agents. Currently held by the Foundation.

  • Bluesky

    Previously employed by Soviet Intelligence, Bluesky was due to be extracted by the Alpha Team in Episode 4. Instead, he was knocked down and killed by a car outside his home before the team could reach him.

  • Zora

    After the Foundation identified her as the source of the leak that led to the failure of the mission in Episode 4 and [[:wayne]]'s death, Zora was sanctioned by an Alpha team in Episode 5.

  • Family

    After arriving in Britain aboard the Natipidad, the Family were abducted and incarcerated by Whittaker Industries on Muck Island. All were confirmed liberated following the Alpha agent operation in Episode 6.

  • Unknown Male C

    Encountered at St Crispin Asylum, he proved able to perform feats of balance and agility that defied physiological/physical principles. Current whereabouts unknown.

  • Unknown Female A

    Encountered at St Crispin Asylum, where she appeared to be projecting discs of force that impacted against solid objects and were capable of breaking through a brick wall.

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