Combat Quick Guide

1. Roll 1 D10 and add to your initiative score. Tell the GM the result. Lowest
scores will go first.

2. The first person to act states whether they are attacking, who they are
attacking and what with.

3. The person they are attacking declares whether they intend to dodge, block or

4. The attacker makes a skill check, using the appropriate combat skill and the
weapon’s base attribute. If they declared that they would counterattack last
round, they get an extra die and their target number is reduced by 1. If they
failed an attempt to block last round their target number is increased by 1.

5. If the defender declared that they would dodge, they roll on Athleticism

6. The number of successes on the dodge roll is deducted from the number of
successes on the attack roll. If the attacker still has any left, then they hit.

7. If the attacker hit, they then roll D10s equal to the dots in the weapons damage
box, plus the final number of successes they rolled on the attack roll. Extra 10s
add 1 onto another die as usual, but all of this should be put on the highest die
(this will become a lot clearer in play).

8. Take the highest scoring dice, add on any bonus from extra 10s and add/
subtract the number in the weapon’s damage box. The final figure is the
damage inflicted.

9. If the defender declared that they would block, they roll on Athleticism

10. If they get any successes, halve the damage inflicted (unarmed block) or
negate the damage (blocking with an item).

11. If they have any armour, deduct the armour points from any remaining

12. Cross off health boxes equal to the final total.

13. When all combatants have been resolved, each rolls another D10 and the GM
adds it to their previous initiative, plus 1 if they failed an attempt to block this
round. Then start the next round.

Combat Quick Guide

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