Dice Roll Quick Guide

A normal dice roll is made with a skill, on an attribute.

The number of dots next to the skill is the number of D10s you roll.

The highest number next to the attribute is the target number for each die.

If the roll is ‘unskilled’ then you roll three D10s.

Each die that scores equal to or greater than the target number is a success.

The first 10 you roll is just a success as normal.

Each 10 after the first adds one to the score of another die, to try and make it into a

Any 10s you have left when all the dice are successes allow you to roll and extra die.

If you roll no successes, and at least one of the dice is a 1, you have critically failed.

Ideally, you want to be aiming for at least 2 successes to get what you want.

The GM can modify the number of dice or the target number on any particular roll.

Dice Roll Quick Guide

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