Quick Gen Guide

1. Attributes

You have 9 Attributes, numbered X-5. The highest number next to an attribute is
the target number for any rolls on that attribute (rolling equal or greater to succeed).
You may cross off up to 25 boxes, from left to right, to reduce the target number for
that attribute. You may not reduce a target number to less than 5. You do not have to
spend all 25, but you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t. Human average is 8.

2. Skills

You have 50 points to spend on skills, under the 23 headings. It is up to you to name
individual skills yourself – examples are given in the full system document. Each dot
you put in a skill is one D10 you will be able to roll on checks involving that skill.
The first dot in a skill costs 2. Subsequent dots in the same skill cost 1.
You can buy generalisation dots for 4 each. These are marked next to the skill
heading, and count for all skill checks that come under that heading. Generalisation
dots and normal dots do not stack.

3. Flange Points

You have 20 flange points to spend as follows:

6 points to cross off another attribute box.
4 points to buy the first dot in a new skill.
2 points to buy subsequent dots in any skill.
8 Points to buy generalisation dots.
3 points to buy Edge points (similar to Luck/Fate/Willpower etc.)

Some of your flange points will be spent on your power – check with the GM how

4. Finishing Touches

Add your target numbers for Perception and Athleticism together and write the total
in your Initiative box.

Starting from the right, cross off boxes on the Health track, until the rightmost one
visible is the one above the number that matches your constitution score (i.e. if you
have Con 8, there should be 10 boxes not crossed out).

Starting from the right, cross off boxes on the Grind Wounds track, until the number
left uncrossed is equal to half the number of Health boxes uncrossed, rounding up.
(i.e., if your have Con 8, there should be 5 Grind Wounds not crossed out)

Quick Gen Guide

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