Setting Introduction





As your character will need to be at least potentially able to work in public without causing a riot, it should be possible to have them walk down the street (in disguise if necessary) without passers-by questioning the laws of physics/nature.


The more detail, the more accurate we can make your character sheet.


Ditto. It would be very useful to have at least one person in the party who can drive a manual-shift road vehicle.


Don’t be too specific in terms of actual game mechanics – I may need some wiggle room for tweaking.

Keep the power level to around ‘x-men average’. Spiderman or Cyclops is fine. Jubilee is a bit weedy. Rogue/Iceman/Storm/Xavier is a definite no.

Think about limits & rules. For example, Telekinesis is too vague – I’ll need some idea of range, size, weight, etc.

Origins involving DNA/radiation/bionics are fine, but if you want your power to come from Aliens/Gods/Ghosts or similar it will have to stay as a theoretical origin. No missions set in Valhalla are planned.

Try and be as original as possible. Anyone who even hints at adamantium claws will probably make me cry.

One other limitation: I’d like to avoid unlimited flight or teleportation powers they would just make the scenarios far too unwieldy.


So that you have a rough idea of what to expect and we can get things started, ideally your character will:

-Have motivations and thought processes at least approximately human (or at least intelligent mammalian).

-Be able to function as part of a small co-ordinated group.

-Be able to work on behalf of a government agency.

-Be able to be motivated either by altruism, patriotism, or enlightened self-interest.

Of course these aren’t hard and fast rules, and you all know rule 7 so go wild.


My own home-grown. It’s pretty simple and probably hideously flawed – expect it to be tweaked as we go along. You’ll probably need lots of d10s, but no other dice. When creating the character, don’t spend your flange points to begin with – these will be needed to create your powers.


Mainly Britain in 1985-ish. Basically, it’s essentially a modern world. The cold-war has pretty much petered out but there’s still a fair degree of east-west tension. ‘Terrorists’ are still Irish, and Muslims are what you learn about in school rather than on the ‘be afraid’ news. The internet is in its infant stages, and mobiles are what you hang over cradles.

The existence of “Enhanced” individuals is by no-means common knowledge. If you’ve been keeping your eyes open you may have caught hints over the years of some odd incidents, but nothing beyond the usual World Weekly News fodder.

If you want, I can run a prologue session for each character (in which case you might want to stop reading now to keep the surprises) otherwise feel free to write into the background how you came to the Foundation.


The Foundation will have approached you within the last year, probably following an incident whereby you made your powers a little more public than usual. The initial contact will have involved a lot of bureaucratic pussyfooting by slightly nervous suits who will try to persuade you to sign a seemingly endless stream of non-disclosure agreements without giving anything away. The Official Secrets Act will be repeatedly mentioned, but then who hasn’t signed that these days? What you will eventually learn is this:

The British Government has grown aware of the existence of ‘Enhanced’ individuals – those with particular attributes beyond the norm. In all likelihood these individuals have always existed, but as a result of the growing population, and improving global media and communications, they are becoming both more numerous and more noticeable. The Foundation is Britain’s attempt to prepare properly for such individuals. Its first duty is simply identification – in the same way that the government wants to keep tabs on who owns dangerous weapons or information, they want to keep records of individuals who are inherently dangerous.

After some ominous sounding waffle about the necessity of monitoring your future career, and the care that must be taken to safeguard the British public you are presented with an offer of employment. The government recognises that in this matter you are essentially innocent parties, and also that your abilities make you valuable individuals, and therefore proposes that you are retained as a highly specialised unit to assist in situations where the government’s more mundane resources are either inappropriate or inadequate. It is stressed that such incidents will be by no means commonplace and it is anticipated that in the majority of cases your involvement will consist of your sitting in a bus watching the emergency services on the news, then going home again. For this you will be given accommodation, a highly lucrative salary and pension, as well as access to a wide range of additional benefits.

In those situations where your involvement is deemed necessary, you will be given full technical, tactical and medical support, as well as having access to some of the most advanced equipment currently in use.

But the Foundation is not just about giving you a job. One day, the existence of Enhanced individuals will reach the public consciousness, and the government wants to do everything it can to make sure that you are welcomed. By assisting us now, you will be helping us to get you (and those like you) that welcome – after all, if the government is able to introduce you to the world as unsung heroes who have been keeping it safe for years it will surely work in your favour.

The actual structure of the Foundation is divided into three parts – Betas, Alphas and Gammas (internally referred to as Blunts, Sharps and Razors). The Blunts are the un-enhanced humans who make up the bulk of the infrastructure. All your contact with the Foundation up to now has been with Blunts. Sharps are Enhanced individuals like yourselves who are versatile and discreet enough to be able to operate regularly in comparatively public settings. The Razors are also Enhanced individuals, but those who, for various reasons, are unsuitable for normal field work. Instead, they will operate in support of the Sharps, providing you with highly specialised services should you require them. Currently, the Foundation has Razor units specialising in infiltration & covert operations, personal information retrieval, and demolition & extreme suppression. Communications, reconnaissance, medical Support and evacuation are currently handled by our Beta divisions, but we hope to locate and employ appropriate Alphas or Gammas to handle these sometime in the near future. In any case, it is not expected that you will need to recourse to using Razors to deal with the situations that will be presented to you, so they should be viewed only as a last resort.


The idea is to run a mission-based campaign with approximately one mission per session (give or take). As far as the missions themselves are concerned a lot of them will have some form of countdown running and may be quite unforgiving if you get too sidetracked, however I would like a pretty even balance between character and story, so please don’t feel that you have to focus on the mission at the expense of interaction – my universe will slow its tick to allow for cool roleplay.

If you want suggestions for background reading, I tend to lean towards Marvel over DC, with a healthy dose of anime in there too (a lot of the ideas I’ve put together came from watching One Piece and being impressed by the range of original characters & powers they came up with).

Setting Introduction

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